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AZ-TGT-BURNER   3-Sided Pyramid Heater Glass Tube Burner Box
PF-THP-GSL   5' Gas Supply Line
PF-THP-ATM   Anti Tilt Switch (2009 and Newer)
AZ-HLDS01-SSBLT   Black & Stainless Steel Patio Heater with Table
AZ-GT-SDPNLS-TR-HG-   Commercail Flame Heater Side Panels
AZ-HLDS01-CGTHG   Commercail Hammerd Bronze Flame Patio Heater
AZ-TGT-TUBE   Commercial Flame Glass Tube Replacement
AZ-HLDS01-CGTMC   Commercial Mocha Flame Heater
AZ-HLDS01-CGTSS1-   Commercial Stainless Steel Flame Heater
PF-THP-ELI-NEW   Electric Igniter (2010 and Newer)
PF-THP-ELI   Electric Igniter (Prior to 2010)
GRP4000BK   Garden Radiance GRP4000BK Dancing Flames Pyramid Outdoor Patio Heater Replacement Glass Tube
AZ-WLF-SLT   Gas Square Faux Stone Firepit
THP-ANCHORS   Ground Fixtures
AZ-HLDS01-GTHG-   Hammer Bronze Finish Pyramid Heater
AZ-GS-F-PC   Hammer Silver Patio Heater with Table
AZ-HLDS01-CBT   Hammer Silver Patio Heater with Table
LH-HB27   Hammered Black Lava Lite Z7
AZ-HLB-2400-BRZ   Hammered Bronze Commercial Outdoor Patio Heater
LH-BLLH   Hammered Bronze Lava Lite Heater Z7
AZ-HLDS01-CGT   Hammered Bronze Outdoor Patio Heater with Table
AZ-GS-F-PCSS-   Hammered Bronze Square Fire Pit with Stainless Steel Legs and Lid
AZ-HLDS01-SSHST   Hammered Silver & Stainless Steel Patio Heater with Table
AZ-THP-SHIELD-3HOLE-(MOST-COMM   Heat Reflector Shield (3 Hole Mount) MOST COMMON
AZ-HEAT-SHIELD-(3-HOLE-MOUNT)-   Heat Shield (3 Hole Mount)
AZ-HVD-COMCV   Heavy Duty Waterproof Commercial Heater Cover
GS-F-PCHDCV   Heavy Duty Waterproof Propane Fire Pit Cover
AZ-HVD-SGTCV   Heavy Duty Waterproof Square Glass Tube Heater Cover
AZ-HVD-CVR-M   Heavy Duty Waterproof Tall Patio Heater Cover
AZ-HVD-TGTCV   Heavy Duty Waterproof Triangle Glass Tube Heater Cover
AZ-WLF-HEX   Hexagon Firepit with Faux Stone Top
THP-ELI-NEW   Hiland Electric Igniter (2010 and Newer)
THP-MCV   Hiland Main Control Valve (Most Common)
AZ-WLF-LTC   Lattice Firepit with Slate Top
LH-GTRP   Lava Heat Italia Glass Tube Replacement
LHI-THP-ELI-NEW   Lava Heat Italia Electric Igniter
LHI-106-GR   Lava Heat Italia Glass Tube Replacement - 49.5" x 4.0"
LH-1599HB   Lava Heat Italia Hammered Bronze 2G
LH-143b   Lava Heat Italia Mini Lava Table Top Propane Burner
PH-LHI-Burner   Lava Heat Italia Propane Burner
LH-1599SS   Lava Heat Italia Stainless Steel 2G
LHP-110   Lava Heat Italia Steel Emitter Screen for Triangle Heater
LH-TGT   Lava Heat ItaliaTriangular Reflector Hood
LH-WK   Lava Heater Italia Wheel Kit
LHI-105   LHI-105 - Heritage Bronze - Natural Gas
LHI-106   LHI-106 - Heritage Bronze - Propane
AZ-THP-BS-1-4Buner   Main Burner Emitter Screen 10 1/4" Pole (3 post application)
AZ-THP-BS-EHole   Main Burner Emitter Screen 10 3/4" (3 post application)
AZ-THP-BS-AHole-   Main Burner Emitter Screen 11 3/4" (3 post application)
PF-THP-MCV-FEMALE   Main Control Valve Female Inlet
PF-THP-MCV   Main Control Valve Inlet
PF-THP-MCV-M   Main Control Valve Inlet - Male
690730612217   Mocha Pyramid Flame Patio Heater - Exclusive - Glass Tube Replacement
PF-NG-BURNER   Natural Gas Complete Burner
AZ-NG-HOSE   Natural Gas Hose 10' Hose
PF-THP-PFT   Pilot Feed Tube
AZ-THP-GGE   Propane Grill Gauge
AZ-GT-SCREEN   Pyramid Heater Emitter Screen
AZ-SGT-BURNER   Pyramid Heater Glass Tube Burner Box
GT-RRING   Pyramid Heater Neoprene Support Ring for Glass Tubes
AZ-GT-TUBE   Pyramid Heater Quartz Glass Tube Replacement
AZ-GT-SHIELD1   Pyramid Heater Replacement Heat Shield
AZ-GT-SDPNLS-TR-HG   Pyramid Heater Side Panels
AZ-SGT-WHLS-SS   Pyramid Heater Wheel Kit
SGT-GRATE-GS   Pyramid HeaterGlass Tube Protective Grates for Square Heater
PY-MNBRN   Pyramid Mini Heater Table Top Propane Burner
FS-1010-T-12   Rectangle Aluminum Slatted Fire Pit With Stainless Steel Propane Burner
PF-THP-REG-2008I   Regulator (2008 and Newer)
PF-THP-GSL-REG   Regulator And 5' Gas Supply Line (2008 and Newer)
AZ-HLI-F-RCVR   Round Heavy Duty Waterproof Propane Fire Pit Cover
AZ-THP-1PC-SHIELD   Single Piece Heat Reflector Shield (3 Hole Mount)
AZF-1108-FPT   Square Cast Aluminum Firepit with Lid
HLI-F-SCVR   Square Heavy Duty Waterproof Propane Fire Pit Cover
AZ-NG-BURN-SS   Stainless Steel Commercial Natural Gas Patio Heater
AZ-HLB-2650SS-   Stainless Steel Commercial Patio Heater
AZ-HLDS01-BST   Stainless Steel Patio Heater with Table
AZ-HLDS01-GTSS   Stainless Steel Pyramid Heater
AZ-HLDS01-SSHGT   Stainless Steel/ Hammered Bronze Outdoor Patio Heater with Table
AZ-HLDS032-GTTHG   Table Top Hammer Bronze Pyramid Heater
AZ-TTHP-PAH   Table Top Heater 20Ibs Propane Hose Adapter
PH-GTTHP-SHIELD   Table Top Mini Glass Tube Heat Shield
AZ-HLDS032-GTTSS   Table Top Stainless Steel Pyramid Heater
AZ-GTTHP-GLASS   Tabletop Glass Tube Replacement
PF-THP-holeBURNER   Tall Heater Complete Burner 2 1/2 POLE
PF-THP-hole2BURNER   Tall Heater Complete Burner 2" POLE
THP-WLS   Tall Patio Heater Wheel Assembly
PF-THP-TPRBURNER   Tapered Complete Burner
AZ-HLDS01-TSST   Tapered Stainless Steel Heater with Table
PF-THP-THERMO   Thermocouple
LH-HSH   Triangle Glass Tube Heat Reflector
volusion-test-product   volusion test product
PF-HVD-TTCV   Waterproof HD Tabletop Heater Cover
AZ-HVD-GTTCV-T   Waterproof Heavy Duty Glass Tube Portable Heater Cover

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